What is Microfiber and Why?

In today’s busy world, we all want to stay as healthy as possible to be at the top of our game and get the most done, right? We all know how a slight cold can put quite a damper on things! But wait, there’s hope! Microfiber is designed in such a way that it’s naturally anti-bacterial, which means by the use of this material, you increase your chances of staying healthy by minimizing your exposure through touch. The fibers are so small that they actually remove bacteria from your skin. How cool is that?

Our microfiber is 80% polyester and 20% nylon and as the name microfiber suggests, the fibers (strands) are so small that when woven together they create much greater surface area than cotton, allowing for greater absorption of liquids such as water and sweat. To go one step futher, we created these towels using a microsuede finish, which means it has an unbelieveably soft and silky feel, like real suede!

When you go to for example, a public gym, you want to make sure you’re staying as clean and cool as possible while you workout. Using the gym’s towels may or not be the best idea, especially if they have been sitting in a damp environment for any length of time. Yes, you will sweat, and you should use a towel, but you don’t have to stink. The odor that comes about in such situations is due to the bacteria in those cotton towels or on your skin becoming more active and multiplying with the added moisture. Think mold growing in a damp space, but on a microscopic level and much faster. With microfiber’s natural ability to clear all that off your skin and to dry quickly with minimal time, you can stay fresher, longer. And that means more focus on your workout.

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