About Us

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We started this company as a way to offer people highest-quality fabrics that made their lives easier and more comfortable so they could put more attention on the things that really mattered, such as going for their dreams and spending time with their families. We grew up around the beach, and one thing that alwas got to us was being weighed down by too much junk one had to lug with them. The beach is there to be enjoyed, not to be slaved over. A big factor of this was heavy cotton towels. Not only were they heavy, but they collected germs so fast that the smell would detract from the outdoor experience, especially if you were a regular beach-goer. Who wants to do laundry every day? What else could one do to combat this? We found the answer in microfiber. Ultra-lightweight, superabsorbent and naturally antibacterial, our towels will make sure that they work with you to enhance your outdoor experience, not against you. Enjoy the feel of their luxurious suede finish at the beach, gym, you name it. They are ready when you are!

Dancing Dragons – Towels on the Go